Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Making A List...

"Enough is enough!" I said. If our back-slapping elected officials aren't going to do anything about this then by golly I am. My career is beyond repair anyway, thanks to outsourcing of *your* personal documents. What do I have to lose?

My first call was to the local newspapers. Fortunately, one investigative reporter called back out of curiosity. It wasn't an easy sell since the term 'ID theft" has become about as common as 'compassion fatigue' in the news. But I gave him just enough local dirt to spark interest.

The list of names and social security numbers I have to hand over reads like a Who's Who of ________ County. (Names will follow...after Friday's interview.) Doctors, lawyers, the police chief, local sheriff, every judge except one, all with maps to their homes and identified by social security number. And all courtesy of our local land registry and their handy website. Maybe this crowd will make enough noise to get something done.

Is your name among The List?

Check out and we'll let you know.

Or, you could just wait for the weekend paper.


Blogger rusweetlikeme said...

I do hope the paper has a link that you post on your blog so that everyone can see just what you can find online!

I really don't believe people in general understand just HOW much others can know about them.

YES, it is public record but wouldn't we rather have people walking in to the Counties to get this information instead of sitting in another Country behind a computer screen thinking up plans of new things to do with this information?

20 years ago would we have thought about someone stealing our identity or washing checks? (someone that I hold dear brought this to my attention).

Just think in 5-10-20 years what can criminals come up with?

7:45 AM  

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